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München. Hauptbahnhof. Nacht. (Munich. Central Station. Night)
A short movie by Ina Boner, Natalie Franz (= Natalie Bayer), Anna Hartmann, Yoon-Jung Kim, Stephanie Lottermoser, Michael Neissendorfer
08:04 min., Germany

Linked to the seminar "Visuelle Anthropologie" (Visual anthropology) by Dr. Andreas Garitz and Daniel Habit M.A. (at Institute for European Ethnology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University) in summer 2005, we delved into theories about as well methodology as practices about Visual Anthropology.

We finally developed our own short film project "München. Hauptbahnhof. Nacht" by conceptualizing the idea, methods and visuals. After first contacts and site inspections we focused the idea to research about the night at Munich Central Station. Based on the assumption that diverse spaces are created at the Central Station by different times of day and co-related to that by specific social groups with specific routes, uses and practices we focused on the people working at the Central Station when the night has caught the City. The film catches as well self perspectives of subjects about their everyday working life as atmospheres of urbanity and mobility, when the lights literally fade out.

Concept: Ina Boner, Natalie Franz, Anna Hartmann, Yoon-Jung Kim,
Stephanie Lottermoser, Michael Neissendorfer
Camera: Natalie Franz, Michael Neissendorfer
Sound: Stephanie Lottermoser, Yoon-Jung Kim
Editing: Ina Boner, Anna Hartmann, Michael Neissendorfer