Goethe-Scouts. Ein Experiment des Goethe-Instituts

(Goethe-Scouts. An experimental project of the Goethe-Institute)

This project considers itself as a pool of a group of people from diverse academic and artistic backgrounds, linked by the interest in contemporary cultural and social relevant phenomenons. Due to the diverse perspectives the discussions on topics is very open and thus inspiring for all Goethe-Scouts. In 2008 we published an articulation of our discussions:

Goethe-Institut (ed.): Die Nonlinearen sind längst Eiswürfel holen, Ein Streitgespräch über Linearität und Nonlinearität in Geschichtsschreibung, Narration und Gesellschaft. München 2008. Book with DVD "Vergessene Fahnen" by Florian Thalhofer and Juliane Herich.